How Not to Carry a Large Object Up Stairs

I was intending to start writing some more serious posts, but I’ve been so bogged down with school that I don’t have the time (and I’d feel guilty).  However, I can still post the occasional funny Youtube video.  I think this may be from a commercial or something, but it’s still funny.  I was surprised by just how catastrophic it was.


New Embroidery Project

As part of my internship with a historian at Caltech, I have been scanning microfilm of 9th century French manuscripts.  One of them had some very intriguing (if amateurish) pictures of birds, and they inspired me to try and embroider one of them.  I normally only do embroidery from pre-packaged kits, so this process is going to be very experimental.

Here’s a picture of the original image in the manuscript, it’s supposed to be a capital letter ‘Q,’ the start of the latin word quod, which means “because.”Quod




The bird at the bottom looked to some people like it was dead, and to others like it was really a lizard.  I decided to rehabilitate it by getting rid of its claw (intended to be a wing by the original scribe, I believe) and replacing it with wings, as well as by fixing its head.  I traced the whole thing onto a new piece of paper to do that.Bird Tracing







I then traced the whole thing onto a piece of muslin (the color is somewhat like velum, and it’s a cheap fabric) with water soluble ink.Bird Pattern






I’ve decided that the hoop is going to be brown (probably with gold outline) and the upper bird is going to be a combination of reds and oranges.Materials