HI!  I’m Ellie.  I’m from LA, grew up there, went to college there.  I went to grad school at the University of Chicago and got to know Chicago for a year. Now I’m finishing up a year in Munich, Germany, where I’ve been improving my German, eating lots of sausage, and learning more about the world. This blog was dormant for a while because I was busy with other things, but I’m trying to get back to it because nothing is sadder than an abandoned blog.

Formerly, I was pursuing an academic career studying medieval European history. One thing that my research focused on was how people in Middle Ages used their cultural surroundings to create specific identities for themselves. I was particularly interested in how kings used public expression of religious devotion in order to demonstrate why they should be king and what their kingship should mean to their people. Because of this research, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how the creation of a public image works, what needs to go into it, how a strong image is created and advertised, and what work the image can do for whoever has created it. Although originally all of these ideas were focused on the Middle Ages, I am now trying to explore how these same mechanisms work in our modern culture.

The new posts on this blog will explore those questions for some of the modern issues I am interested in. You can also expect to see posts on some other things that interest me, such as Pinterest or even the Middle Ages, and maybe even the occasional silly post about something interesting I have found. If you like what you read please leave a comment or follow me.

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